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Könyv címe: Radio Control Car Action
Kiadás dátuma: 2018 - 05.
Formátum: PDF (SCAN)

Nyelv: Angol
Oldalszám: 94


Radio Control Car Action is the #1 RC magazine. More readers trust RC Car Action
to provide them with the latest information and newest product reviews than any other
RC publication. Published by Air Age Media, the largest multi-media company dedicated to
enthusiasts of radio-control cars, planes and boats, aviation and diecast collecting,
RC CAR Action is distributed around the world. With its network of six category-leading
magazines plus special issues, books, DVDs, 10 websites, The Radio Control Show
(a weekly web broadcast) and RCX, the world?s largest radio control expo,
Air Age Media reaches more than one million drivers,
fliers and collectors.


32 | First Drive/Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer
Traxxas sets a new benchmark for true-scale realism and high-power performance
By Peter Vieira

46 | Project/Avenger Clod Buster
Tamiya?s classic crusher gets a comp-truck makeover
By Dan Wyatt

58 | First Drive/Traxxas E-Revo
Traxxas? mighty monster is nearly all-new and tougher than ever
By Peter Vieira

70 | Classic Plastic/Tamiya Bullhead
Tamiya?s chrome-flashing, 4-wheel-steering, car-crushing monster is gnarly ?90s fun
By Kevin Hetmanski

78 | 2018 RC Chili Bowl
Full-size racing meets RC in a dirt-oval classi
By Carl Hyndman

86 | How To/Troubleshoot a Nitro Engine
Ten tips to get your ride revving right
By the RC Car Action team


40 | Arrma Kraton 6S BLX
Arrma?s 60mph machine blends monster truck and truggy for high-speed off-road action
By Kevin Hetmanski

52 | Losi/Horizon Hobby Super Baja Rey
Growth spurt! The red-hot Baja Rey pumps up to 1/6 scale for even wilder solid-axle shredding
By Kevin Hetmanski

66 | Quick Spin/RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Blazer
RC4WD continues to climb the ladder in the scale game
By Kevin Hetmanski

10 | Starting Line
12 | Readers? Rides
18 | Pit Tips
23 | Tech Center
26 | New & Hot
90 | Tailpipe

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